Attempting something I have always wanted to do, timing myself riding from the Very East end of the St. Anthony dunes the Very West End of the dune and I challenge anyone to beat my time. This is just a fun ride to do in general but if you are an experienced rider please feel free to challenge my time no matter what you ride ATV, UTV, SANDRAIL, or DIRT BIKE.
We have had a few interested and following the “DUNE CHALLENGE”. Many without OnX have been asking about the route I took in the video. Here is a screen shot of the route I took. Anyone doing this challenge please track your Time, Route, and Date with an App (it doesn’t need to be OnX). Please track it on video as well if possible. Anyone who would like to share their results, I will share them on this page so we have a continual record to compare.
Please Know this is at your own risk and responsibility! All safety, laws and riding curtesy is on you. We all share these dunes.

HillBro's best time 49min 39 Sec

OnX Route Link: HERE

Challenge Ride Video